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This is the 66th episode of the Mind Your Noodles podcast. In this episode, we discuss an opportunity for new or aspiring executives. Are you a new or aspiring executive? Contact me via email at with your name, company and company size for a significant discount on executive education.


[00:00:06] Mind Your Noodles Podcast – Episode 66
[00:00:28] Episode 66 – Education Opportunity for New and Aspiring Executives
[00:02:48] Who I am looking for – Launch Team
[00:04:29] What You Get by Being in the Launch Group
[00:06:55] Industries Targeted
[00:09:51] How The 95 Method Helps the New and Aspiring Executive


Tripp Babbitt: [00:00:06] Take care of the brains that take care of you with a Mind Your Noodles podcast keep you up to date on the latest neuroscience research and practices to keep your brain healthy and strategies to help your organization brain friendly.

Tripp Babbitt: [00:00:28] This is the sixty sixth episode of the Mind Your Noodles podcast, and I’m Tripp Babbitt. This week I’m going to talk about the executive education program. This is the launch month. And I’ve come up with a number of things that I’m going to offer during the course of this particular episode. I won’t have too many episodes where I’m trying to promote something, but this will be one, especially as I get this thing launched. Basically, what I’m going to do for this launch month is I’m looking for 10 people that would like to, at a significant discount, get the executive education program. And remember, this is for really new or aspiring executives. And for the moment, not existing executives. And I’m kind of narrowing in on people that I want as part of this kind of launch group and where I will be offering the executive education program for two thousand dollars, even though it would be incomplete by when I released the first four modules that I have available. And then I’ll be adding in things like modules on methods, on innovation, decision making, decision making to and knowledge and a customer in organizational structure. And I’m going to provide these 10 people with significant amount of support and also a significant discount. So as post two thousand dollars, you would become eligible for a discount code or coupon as think if it calls it, which is the platform. I’m putting the training on down to three hundred dollars for this particular group. And like I said, you’ll get the first four modules plus subsequent modules on methods and.

Tripp Babbitt: [00:02:48] But I’m looking for particular people. Like I said, I’m not looking for the existing executives. Now I’d like to deal with those folks down the road. But for kind of the aspiring executives, somebody who is maybe a project manager, their improvement professional. So if you’re in Lean or Six Sigma, if you’re in middle or front line management, especially contact center like supervisors and managers, would be a good fit for this particular program and this launch. If you’re a new executive, meaning new to the position or. New to add a new organization. I’m looking for potentially you to be one of the 10 folks that I’d like to offer the coupon code to. Now, I’d also like to say these are typically going to be companies with 150 plus employees in them. And what I’d like you to do if you’re interested in the coupon code is contact me directly at trip to Yahiye Peepee at the ninety five method dot com and ninety five is the number. And give me your name, your company name and the number of employees that you have and any other pertinent information that might raise you to level of being one of the ten people. Because right now I only want 10 in this launch group.

Tripp Babbitt: [00:04:29] So again, what this group would get are the first four modules that I’ve done. So that would include the customer lens, which is I believe there are seven eleven different lessons in that the thinking lens and there are eight.And in that particular episode and or in that particular module.And then there are the case studies which kind of takes the customer lens and the thinking lens and puts them together. What were gaps? What are you seeing as you look at your organization? So that’s what you’ll get at the beginning. And then as I release the modules on innovation, innovation will have an additional paid beyond that with my partners in at the Eureka Ranch. So there’s another online course if you want to go deeper. But this is going to give you kind of the basics on innovation and setting it up, decision making a stand alone. So there’s nothing else additional to buy. How do you go about making good decisions in an organization taking day to day knowledge? Again, they’ll probably be additional modules that’ll be paid for, but at least you’ll get from an executive standpoint, you’ll get the basics of what you need to know on taking data, knowledge and then the course customer and organizational structure. I’m going to give you a lot of the basic components. And to be honest with you, when you get into organizational structure, you’re probably going to need some help and some support. And that might be in the form of additional training modules or more support directly from me in order to complete that.

Tripp Babbitt: [00:06:32] So those will think things will be added over a period of time. But you’ll get those at this 300 dollar price for no additional cost because you’re part of this. This launch group, I’ll be supporting you through emails and phone calls as necessary. And that is the way that I want to handle that.

Tripp Babbitt: [00:06:55] Now, who is most likely to become one of these 10 folks? Well, there’s certain industries that I think that this particular executive education program works really well for, and there’s some things that it doesn’t. But let me go through the ones that do fit. They are ones typically that have really robust feedback loops that are being underutilized. So, for instance, repair and replace, which I’ve talked about quite a bit, h fact companies, computer repair, home improvement, things of that sort. And again, I’m looking for large organizations, but others would benefit. But in this 10, 150 plus, we’ll give you an advantage over somebody who has five people in the organization, even though they would benefit from it. The second is financial institutions work with many banks and insurance companies and credit unions and brokerage firms all would benefit from this particular program.

Tripp Babbitt: [00:07:59] If you’re in distribution, which is where I actually started, my career was in industrial distribution. This is a fantastic program for education system for executives in that industry or aspiring executives.

Tripp Babbitt: [00:08:16] Transportation, logistics, you know, the trucking, you know, moving product around would benefit from this program. Retail. Worked with restaurants, online types of retail. If you’re maybe like a go daddy k type of company, you would benefit and get get really good knowledge, especially looking through the customer lens and the thinking lens. Auto dealerships I’ve worked with using the system and they will benefit also from looking through the customer lens and their thinking lens communications. I’ve worked with worked with large telecoms, cable companies, people like that.

Tripp Babbitt: [00:09:00] So if you’re a if you’re a supervisor or a middle manager and one of those industries. This would be a really an awesome program for you tech companies and another industry that I worked actually as a senior executive in software and hardware. There’s great feedback loops there and making those more robust in your organization. And this is the executive education program will help you if you’re in those industries. And then the last one I put is entertainment.I’ve worked with radio stations and TV stations and cruise lines are all places that or industries that would benefit from using the 95 method.

Tripp Babbitt: [00:09:51] So that kind of gives you a sense. If you’re not sure, just you can rip me off an email at At the ninety five method dot com. Again, I’m looking for new executives new to the position or new to a company, because you are prime for this. How are you going to get to know the company that you’re in? And we can’t assume that the company that you just work for has the same problems as the new one that you have. So having a method to go through to do that would make you really valuable within the organization about how you can move move it forward. If you’re a new executive, new to the position within the company that you’ve been in, this will give you some ideas. This will give you some methods in order to be effective as an executive in that organization. And if you’re aspiring, you’re that supervisor may be a front line supervisor at the moment, but you want to create value so you can move to middle management and middle management on what would be good for this also so that they can move on to an executive position. These are kind of the basic elements that I believe that every executive needs to know, starting with understanding your organization as a system.

Tripp Babbitt: [00:11:17] Looking through that customer lens, looking through your organizational thinking lens, reconciling what’s happening within your organization, what theories at work do you have in your organization? This is to me, these are the basics. And then later on, like I said, for the three hundred dollar price, we’re going I’m going to give this particular launch group access to the four methods, the intro portions of that. And then there’s deeper levels that you can go that are paid. But I’ll give you so much from a method standpoint that you will get value out of it. Now, I’m not offering any refunds assist you with this distri hundred dollar set that turns you off. I’m just not because I offer I’m going to have the right now I offer a free courses, seven videos that I have to give you an overview of it, give you an idea what it is, and then as I make this paid Dobi preview codes. So, again, if you’re interested and this is something that maybe fits your organization, contact me at trip to your IP at the ninety five method dot com and I’m going to say I’ll, I’ll look at the e-mails and then I will send you a coupon code where you can purchase it. And I still have some things to work out with. Think ific and getting that all set up. That’s it for this week.

Tripp Babbitt: [00:12:56] If you are an existing executive looking for new ideas or a refresh, a new executive trying to understand a new organization or an aspiring executive looking for a leg up on other people, that you’re competing for an executive position, the ninety five method provides executive education. You can apply by studying your own organization. We’ll give you the necessary skills not taught at universities in synthetic thinking, neuroscience, executive data analytics, decision making innovation and a customer in organizational structure. You can get. A preview of the training right now at Mind Your Noodles dot com forward slash free or at the ninety five method dot com for slash free. This was a limited time offer before we start to offer the executive education for a an investment that is undetermined at this point.

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