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The focus of the Mind Your Noodles Podcast is your brain and the brains of your organization.

If answering these questions will help you, you are in the right place.

  • How can I make change smoother and easier in my organization?
  • What can I do to get people in our organization to think with purpose and intent?
  • How do I get greater engagement in my organization?
  • What neuroscience research is useful to me?
  • How do I keep my own mind healthy?

Like many, I have thoughts ahead of their time or see things other people cannot see.

You would think this would be a huge advantage, right? Executives, managers, change agents, HR and others want the next “big thing” giving them a competitive advantage and grow their business. If you think this (like I did) – you have illusions of grandeur.

As a global consultant, I have learned (slowly, call me a slow learner) even if the CEO or a person or group that are real proponent(s) of what you do brings you in. You will not get lasting improvement with an authoritarian sponsor(s) or approach. You get compliance, but never anything lasting.

UNLESS you win hearts and minds. And since the mind runs the show – you should start there.

The battle for the minds of others in the organization (and keep the proponents you have) begins and ends with your ability to understand the opponent and the battlefield. Neuroscience offers new research and practices to arm you for the task ahead.

Mind Your Noodle(s) will help you understand how the brain works and how to build a brain-friendly organization . . . and keep your brain healthy too.

Why this podcast?

This podcast is different in many ways. One is I have two other podcasts. The Deming Institute Podcast and the Driving Eureka! Podcast. This is NOT my first rodeo.

The Deming Institute Podcast is about the Deming philosophy and the Driving Eureka! Podcast is about innovation. You see even if you have a brain-friendly organization – you need method to execute aim/narrative, innovation, decision-making, data analytics and organizational design.

As someone with ideas “ahead of their time” I understand the frustration of getting people to “buy-in.” As a life-long learner and voracious reader I have never given up finding new ways to see my problems and find new opportunities.

This journey is one I believe can deliver you benefits and insights giving you new perspective, and understanding better, the perspectives around you.

Will you join us?

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